Sports Field Applicatons

With all the equipments and hardwares, football carpet fields, basketball field, tennis field and other sports fields applications our good quallity products and excellent workmanship are in Samçit


We make our living areas beautiful with environmental arrangement and paysage applications . our high-quality projects will give you and your loved ones comfort

Fence Applications

We are at your service in Samsun and its surroundings with our fence applications, such as Panel Fence, Cog Fence, Hexagonal Wire, Barbed Wire, Coop Tully, making with the best quality fence products.


Quality and Certifications

Our products are TSE certificated and products that pass through an exellent quality production process. We do the montage and application without sacrificing the same nicety and quality.

How to Service

When you choose us for building a football fence field, we’ll do the discovery of the place where you’ll instruct it with a Professional team and the Project will be done.After that step by step,floor smoothing, drainage pipe,environmental superstructure concrete,crushed fill, Conversion of surrounding iron constructions3/3,3.5/4 mm and 5/6 cm PVC coated wire drawing,If the area to be applied is a carpet area, the grass carpet is spreadAbove carpet area closure of files with special parachute ropemaking processes such as the placement of equipment, such as goalposts are made to complete delivery.

When you prefer Samçit in Landscape and Environment regulation, the project will be drawn according to your request and the floor, hard ground application, paving stone application, soil leveling, ready roll grass lawn, seedlings and plants planting, camellia, children's playgroup made environment security and lighting systems are applied to establish peaceful living spaces

Panel Fence, Flat Concrete Pole, Curved Concrete Pole, , Inclined Concrete Pole,Straight Pipe Pole, Curved Pipe Pole, Inclined Pole Concrete Pole, Crimped Wire, Barbed Wire and We are at your service as Samchit with many more kinds of fence application.

Key Point

The fenced hedge does not color the sun and is dirty because it was washed in rain water. And Park, gardens, sites, villas it is cheap cost for swimming pool, do not require any maintenance and an aesthetic product that can be used for years
Hexagonal Knitting We Use The Best in Turkey and Apaydın Metal factories that produce the highest quality , As a result of our practices we are taking us one step forward as Samchit. Samçit carries us as we made a step forward in the application.
Panel Fence It is the preferred security fence because it is easy to use and suitable for many places.Hot dip galvanized wire and product produced in desired color is preferred because it is durable and elegant in all climatic conditions.
Our TSE Certified barbed wire products with garden surroundings, you can prefer Samçit for the most efficient applications in the fields you want to protect like field surroundings.



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